Project information

  • Category: FMD Solutions
  • Clients: NMVOs and MAHs
  • Project date: Rolled out in 2020
  • Project URL:

Alert Management System

NMVS Alerts portal is a central collaboration platform for exchanging necessary information between all stakeholders that need to be involved within individual alert investigation. Our solution is fully in line with the official EMVO Alert Handling Guidance.

Portal displays updated overview on alert information to all stakeholders and provides options for submitting feedback and marking related activities:

  • NMVOs can easily identify most-likely root cause and initiate appropriate investigation request.
  • End users can mark potential technical or procedural issues and provide other valuable information.
  • MAHs can initiate pack photo or pack return request, mark investigation actions, conclusions and treat alerts on a Batch level.
  • In agreement with local NMVO the portal can also be made accessible to NCA.